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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Guestbook

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Mike Delamater - 03-06-2009
Hell, it CAN'T be 40 YEARS! -- I'm not that OLD! I just now figured out how to open my locker... (I always was a bit of a slow learner, though).

Gary Patton - 03-06-2009
I am really glad to see several people are working on the 40th.  Hi to all that I haven't seen in the last 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.  I still see many around town as I still live in the area.  Looking forward to seeing many long time friends.  The 100th TUHS Anniversary last year was very interesting.  There were some really old Buffs at that homecoming!
Patricia Lynne Ray - 03-05-2009
I'm only a plane ride away.
Mark Kirchner - 03-04-2009
I am looking forward to this reunion it will be lots of fun and interesting times.
Mark Heier - 03-02-2009
FORTY years... whoever thought I'd make it this far? I still live in Phoenix, doing video, and
am still married to Martha Beakley from the class of 1970. Life is good. It will be great to
see you all again.
J. L.  Terrell - 03-01-2009
I never thought I would hear about a reunion because it been so long since I was in Arizona.  My older sister is still there, but that not a resouces for information.  I looking forward to see how the sight grows.  A lot of missing people on the list.
Larry Cannon - 03-01-2009
I agree -- it is exciting.  Though when I spoke with Wayne Ruettinger yesterday and told him that Pat would be posting our pictures from the '69 Horizon on the site, he commented, 'Now that's scary.'

The class of '68 has done a great job with their site, www.tempehighbuffs68.com    As they did on their site, one of the things I'm hoping people will do is dig up old class photos from the Tempe Elementary schools so we can look way back.

Also, don't be bashful about providing lots of details on what you've done over the past 40 years.  Better do it soon before the memory cells start dying off.
Carol Peyman Newton - 03-01-2009
This is exciting.  It will be interesting to see what everyone has done with the last 40 years!  Look forward to seeing everyone ~
Steve Frizzell & Linda (Gilmore) Frizzell - 02-25-2009
Looking forward to seeing everyone again
Michael (Mike) Elkins - 02-13-2009
Looking forward to the 40th reunion.  My oh my how we change over time!

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