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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Guestbook

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Mike Bloodworth - 07-16-2009
Hey classmates,
 Hi to everyone, I emailed Gary Patton and he told me about the web site. What a load of old memories! I go back to Tempe now and can hardly find the house I grew up in, much less someone I grew up with.
 Anyway I live in Globe Az and work for Freeport McMoRan Miami (Phelps Dodge) so I'm not all that far away after all the traveling I did. Again Hi to all

Someone give me a call
MIke Bloodworth
Home      928-425-4110
Office      928-473-7015
Mobile     928-701-3959
email mike85501@yahoo.com

Patricia Simon Behner - 07-11-2009
Hello everyone.  Just finished my 35th year of teaching high school, 30 of which have been in North Pole, Alaska.  Makes this website and reunion all the more interesting.  Not sure I can attend because October is such a busy month.  I have enjoyed looking at pictures and reading the wonderful stories you all have to tell.  Keep posting!  I'll try to add pictures and memories as well.  Thanks to the reunion committee for all the work.
Jim Zelenski - 07-07-2009
Mark R., I confess to having lifted your name for the trivia item.  Welcome to the wild THS Class of 1969 site!  Great to hear from you....
Mark J. Ramos - 07-02-2009
Thank God for spell check, I did mean I would edge in 'slowly'.
Mark J. Ramos - 07-02-2009
Hi, I just found this site and I cannot believe you all remember all you do and I have barely started. This is very strange and new to me. Think I will edge in slowing. And about using my name in your trivia quiz. I really did not think anyone would remember and I have only done one reunion like thing in my life and that was going with my sister Sandy ('63') to the Kenny Wells Tribute. It took me forever to join facebook. I am living in San Diego and am here in aid to my 89 year old Father who is ill. I may break down and come back in October.

Tari Miller - 06-17-2009
I am THS Buff class of 1970!!
I just wanted to pass along that my ex,  Steve Ethington was killed last June. I was not sure if anyone knew about it.
Also,  just wanted to say that everyone looks wonderful in these pics...it was fun to see. I did attend the 50 year reunion in Oct. 2007 with Lisa Dembecki. We had so much fun...everyone looked great...I got to see many people I would not have been able to see at our 70' class reunion. Also got a THS boyfriend of almost 2 years now out of the deal...so good for me!
Diane, Vicki, Linda, Sally, Darlene, you all look beautiful!
Have a wonderful time!! Tari
Terry Price - 06-17-2009
Please forgive the personal plug in this post.

While wasting your time on the web, please go to Amazon.com and checkout the book I wrote: 'Murder Unpunished: How the Aryan Brotherhood Murdered Waymond Small and Got Away With It.'  I defended the 'Acting General' of the Aryan Brotherhood in a first degree murder case arising out of Arizona State Prison in 1977.  The prison was in mayhem - controlled by racial gangs amid an epidemic of assaults and murders inside the walls.

The case got hairy and went through five trials.  When the smoke cleared, 10 out of 11 co-conspirators were acquitted of this racially motivated, gang killing.    Twenty eight years later, I wrote the book from a unique premise: ALL the defendants were guilty as hell, (including my client), so HOW DID THEY GET AWAY WITH IT?  I interviewed the surviving convicts, attorneys and the police investigators to get 'the real story.'

Grady Gammage wrote an excellent book you should check out too: 'Phoenix in Perspective: Reflections on Developing the Desert.'  Reading it brings back memories of how the Valley used to be and how it grew into a megapolis from the odd combination of characteristics and phenomena that made up our old home, long since gone.

I am now retired from the practice of law, living in SW Colorado on a mountain top.  I am very active with skiing, rock climbing, llama packing and golf.   I spent 2004 - 07 mostly on the road with my now deceased wife, visiting Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, India and Ecuador.  I played 109 different golf courses in those countries.
Cathy Johnson - 06-14-2009
Hi All, It is so great to go back in time when you think of all the fun we had
in hight school and we can still have fun.We will all have a good time at the
reunion.See you all there.
Terri Statia Cain - 06-13-2009
Can you forward info on places to stay near Rustlers resturant. Thanks! Terri Statia Cain
Judy Miller - 06-12-2009
Hello everyone!  I just really started looking at this website a few days ago.  What a wonderful idea!  I have been away from Tempe for a long time and am really looking forward to seeing all of you in October.  The pictures are definitely going to help me.  The only person I have stayed in contact with is Diane Hull Grant (once a year at Christmas).  
Ned - 06-09-2009
20 GRANDKIDS!! Sal, you're still gorgeous and I'm STILL jealous of Mons!!
Mons and Sally (Johnston) Ellingson - 06-03-2009
Hi everyone! We just got a letter from the committee. We look forward to seeing everyone in October.  Mons and I are busy with our 20 grandkids and taking care of his mother and my parents.
Did we miss Mckemy's 50th? We had no idea.
See everyone in October.
Mons and Sally
Carol Peyman - 06-02-2009
That's because the rest weren't worth remembering!   Ha!  Just kidding -- nice to hear from everyone isn't it?
Tommy Whatley - 05-29-2009
This should be fun! All my true loves from way back sound like
they might be coming to this reunion: Brenda K, Diane H, Carol P.
Damn, I can't remember the rest, maybe Sally J, ?
Diane Grant - 05-28-2009
Yes, hard to believe it was 40yrs. ago tonight.  These current grads look like they're 12, and we felt so grown up at the time.  Fun memories.

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