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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Guestbook

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Carlos Molina - 04-10-2009
In inviting other classes - could you consider going as far back as Class of 1966 (my class)? I would definitely plan on attending and getting to see all of you. The last Reunion I went to was my 20th in 1986.
Scott Clayton - 04-10-2009
Class of '71 here.  You should invite the classes of at least '67 to '71 to your reunion so there's a good turnout.  (We only had 42 show up for our 30-year.)Lots of us know each other and seldom get together....at our ages it's really fun to see each other again.  Congrats on organizing a reunion......there's a fun core-group already signed up.  I remember the 20-year open class Friday night event you had at the Buff gym....that was fun!
Vicki Lynn Smith - 04-09-2009
OK! I am joining in. Hi guys. Ned are you gonna make this one? Vicki S
Gail Moe (Vesper) - 04-09-2009
Yikes! 40 years!! It is sad to see all those names of those who are deceased.  Yet, wonderful to see and read about those of us that are alive and kicking.  I know I have changed a lot and I now hereby officially apologize for being such a snot in high school.  It was just a defense mechanism, because I was scared to death and did not have a clue on how to relate to people.  I think some of you might relate to this and perhaps acted out in different ways.  Well, at least I have learned and have spent most of my life really enjoying other people. I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  If you get up Payson way, give me a call.  I have registered on the website
Ned Schall - 04-09-2009
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but my forehead has become a fivehead or possibly a sixhead.Sure saves on shampoo, though!
Mark Rispoli - 04-06-2009
Hello to all from Napa, California. It is exciting to read all of the posts and occasion a bit sad. Those from our class that have departed kearly will surely be missed. So it is up to all of us that remain to make this the best 40 year reunion possible.
I am on Classmates and Reunion.com. So anyone that wants to, feel free to Email me there or here. I would love to here from one and all.
The Committee is doing a GREAT JOB !!!
BYW, I agree with Ned, our Cheerleaders and Pom girls were the best!!!
All praise to Tempe High School....
Paulette Chartier - 04-03-2009
I'm hoping this will be the best get together yet.  After 40 years we have all had a lot of interesting experiences.  The web site is coming along nicely and is a great place to reconnect with everyone.  Pat is doing a great job with this.  Get the word out so we can have a good turn out!  Peace, Love and Incense?     We love you too Ned!  
Mike DeVirgilio - 04-01-2009
Bummer - just saw on the other page Kelly McKee gone - also, Louie Franco passed away from breathing problems - middle of last year.

Good side, great to 'hear' from all of you that have posted.  Hope more follow.
Sandy Jarnigan Close - 03-28-2009
Please keep me posted can not wait to see everyone.
Ned Schall - 03-23-2009
I still say we had the hottest cheer/pom ladies ever!!
Larry Cannon - 03-20-2009
From the tired brain of an internet slueth:  The thing I'm discovering in trying to find the women from our class is that, at 57, it's just as hard for me to find women now and it was when I was 17.      ;-)

On another topic, anyone know what happened to Louie Franco?  Did he graduate with us?  Or Susan Walsh?  Don't see them in the lists of names.
Jim Zelenski - 03-12-2009
Best wishes to all.  One of my grandsons is in Junior High!
annabelle brough - 03-12-2009
I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't feel much older than when we left high school.  It seems crazy that we are actually in charge of things let alone parents and grandparents.  I am excited to see everyone!  It should be great fun.   Belle
John Webster - 03-09-2009
I hope everyone will be able to go, I would find it hard to believe anyone will be recognizable, I know I haven't looked in a mirror for years (don't know who that is)
Cathie Woodward - 03-09-2009
It doesn't seem like 40 years!  Wow how time flies!  Looking fwd to seeing everyone after 40 years!

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