Tempe High School Class of 1969
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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Guestbook

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MIKE MILLS - 05-28-2009
I hope no one turned out the lights at Legend City I'm not ready to go home...........
Danny Moore - 05-28-2009
It's me It's me It's Ernesty
Gary Waldeck - 05-28-2009
40 years ago today.  Hard to imagine.  Happy 40th Anniversary everybody!
Bob Hicks - 05-20-2009
Everyone signing in seem to be the same but more refined, Ha!, see you at the reunion.  Best to everyone.
Phyllis Cochran - 05-12-2009
Wow - lots of people interested in getting together. Very cool... I still ive in Tempe. I remember Peter Staddon and Buck Albright, too. Bucky gave me a ride on his gooseneck handlebars on Roosevelt Street in 1965 - boy, did I think I was cool! I knew Peter from church and he was the mildest mannered guy around. His death in Vietnam seemed such a waste, but then, weren't they all?
Not sure if I'll come to the reunion or not. I've been to most of them, and the ones in Laughlin in the early 00s were really fun.
Bob rogers - 04-30-2009
Great looking at the year book, lots of great memorys. dont know if i will make the reunion or not but will try, along way from missouri.
Larry Cannon - 04-28-2009
Thanks, Tom Summers for the aerial shots.  In the first one you can see the PDQ and Whataburger (still my standard by which all other burgers are measured by).

Question:  How'd you get your camera up there?
Linda Jones (mcdonald) - 04-28-2009
Hi to everyone,
It is great fun to see the pictures and read the messages from everyone.    I look forward to seeing all of you.

Genie Davis - 04-25-2009
I'm looking forward to getting together with people before the reunion.  It's been great with those I've already seen.
Todd Knowles - 04-24-2009
Hi everyone!
Michele Thompson - 04-22-2009
Hope to be able to see everyone -how does the saying go- Don't get older only better- hmmmmmm could be interesting to see if that is true...Michele

Gail Vesper-Moe - 04-20-2009
Thank you Reunion Committee!  The year book is wonderful.  We all looked so beautiful and handsome.  Of course we were just kids.
MARK RISPOLI - 04-18-2009
Glad to see activity is increasing on the site. Just goes to show the good job the RC is doing and it is obvious that Larry is putting in a lot of time and energy! spread the word...GO BUFFS!!!
Nancy Mattoon - 04-14-2009
Just found this site today.  Glad to hear that we have a reunion in the works and a way to get in touch with each other.  So many memories just going down the list of names.  I can't believe that it has been 40 years.

Larry Cannon - 04-10-2009
Re: the last two comments.  You otherclassmen are still trying to steal the babes from our class.  Go find your own!

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