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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Class Trivia Contest #1
This is a sample trivia quiz.

1. Who was voted most likely to succeed?
A - John Gordon
B - Alice Simpson
C - Ed Funk
D - Alan Parks
E - Donna Franks

2. What math teacher and english teacher were married the year we graduated?
A - Mr. Grant & Miss Harbor
B - Mr. Grant and Miss Glenn
C - Mr. Morris & Miss Harbor
D - Mr. Harbor & Miss Grant

3. Mr. Wells took the THS Concert Choir up to (the new) Coconino High School near Flagstaff for a demonsatration concert.  What was the reaction of the students in the auditorium?
A - They applauded respectfully
B - They continued texting as if the singers weren't there
C - They whooped and hollared at the sight of the mens' white dinner jackets
D - The girls fainted at the sight of their idol Mark Ramos (AKA 'Ogg' the Leprechaun from school musical Finian's Rainbow)

4. Who was called to the front of Mrs. Demicell's freshman English class to demonstrate how to blow a bubble inside a bubble with bubblegum?
A - Joe Campbell
B - Greg Campbell
C - Jan Bradbury
D - Patty Willoughby
E - Bill Richardson

5. Which classmate has created the base for the Phx.Open/FBR trophy since 1996?
A - Tottie Shultz
B - Eddie Grant
C - Lynne Semon
D - Greg Campbell
E - Peter Shelton

6. During a trip to one of the football games our freshman year, what band instrument fell out of the equipment truck and was then run over by the band bus?
A - Steinway piano
B - tuba
C - triangle
D - glockenspiel
E - bass drum
F - trumpet

7. The flattened instrument in the above question was placed in a deadend hallway next to an old band uniform that'd been stuffed to look like a dead person.  Who was this 'monument' dedicated to?
A - Mitch Miller
B - John Lennon
C - Lawrence Welk
D - Senile Scuz
E - Bob Miller
F - Eddie Scales

8. Where did the Tempe High concert and honor bandds give their Spring 1966 concert? Extra point if you know what activity rsulted from the concert
A - Gammage Auditorium
B - Tempe Beach Park
C - Tempe High Auditorium
D - IN the cafeteria

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