Tempe High School Class of 1969
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Tempe High School Class of 1969 - Look at us now
Pictures in Gallery: 327
Getting older and proud of it! Yes like it or not.....we're all getting a little grayer, a few more wrinkles, carrying a few extra lbs, a few less hairs. It's part of life! Share recent pictures of yourselves or with your families.. Simply click add photos link.

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Brent Mullen, Kelly Moeur, and Greg Campbell
Posted By: Kelly Moeur
Views: 2894

While I was in Tempe this January I visited with Gary Trimeloni (rt) and Wally Staddon (center) up is Prescott Valley. Had a nice visit over lunch. Just can't figure out who those 'old' guys are th...
Posted By: Steve Frizzell
Views: 2974

My brother Tim [Class of 1973] and I on my recent visit to the Valley.. Our site will be up for renewal in February so please provide feedback on whether you'd like to continue it or not...  I...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2964

Bryn and me, dropping Jessie, our first one, off at college, 9/5/2010.
Posted By: Larry Cannon
Views: 2879

Practice how to upload on the website this me in High School.  What year I forget.
Posted By: J. L.  Terrell
Views: 2824

Back at work… Haven’t had a chance to post all the photos I took on Friday and Saturday night.. Will send an e-mail to all when I have them uploaded.. Can’t even begin to describe how wonderf...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2976

Bill Richardson's preparations for Tailgate Party at Daley Park.
Posted By: Paulette Chartier
Views: 2995

At my Granddaughter's wedding. My husband Keith, JoEllen, Rachel (Bride), my Mother, Nathan (groom), my brother Steve (class of 67), and Nathan Shock (my brother Mike's son).
Posted By: JoEllen (Shock) Brock
Views: 3109

The best way to tell a story, that started forty years ago is with pictures.
Posted By: Tom Summers
Views: 3152

This is the only group shot of my Family.
Posted By: Tom Summers
Views: 3040

Mike (Rich's son), Rich, Mom, Dad, Me & Bob. The original 5 plus my nephew.
Posted By: Cathie Woodward
Views: 3073

Richard, Cathie, Robert Woodward @ Richard's house in Glendale, AZ on 10/11/2009
Posted By: Cathie Woodward
Views: 2929

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